My first Blog

Ooooh how exciting (and a bit scary), my first blog!

I started this blog initially because in 2012 I have decided to commit myself to ethical clothing and I thought it’d be interesting to journal my challenges and help keep me honest. I also have a small business in which I handmake creations from largely upcycled fabrics, but I really want to commit to being 100% ethical (whatever that may be for me?).

I’m still finding my way and setting up shop – so I’m going to test myself and see if I can get up a photo of my latest creation scrunchy frog. This little froggy is made from microfleece (originally purchased to make my daughter nappies but got WAY too much!). It’s spots are made from a mens tie and inside it has some cellophane to make it all scrunchy and interesting for a wee bubba.

So here goes…


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3 thoughts on “My first Blog

  1. Paula Di Felice on said:

    love the blog! Jesse thinks your scrunchy frog is spongebob square pants! Great pics. Always inspirational and creative. Paula x

    • Thanks Paula! I’m really excited about getting started and having a bit of an outlet to be myself. Hope you and all your boys are well. I’m always keen to hear new ideas for things to make and sell, especially for boys, so if you have any thoughts please let me know. I have plans to do boys wallets sometime soon…
      Kate xx

  2. I like this one! I’ll have to see what I can put together for Elise’s bubs. Keep it up!

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