How to make a simple Modern Cloth Nappy

I thought I’d put this tutorial out there for anyone using or interested in using modern cloth nappies and wants to have a go at making thier own. I used patterns from this site and the one I’m showing today is a modification of Shar’s newborn fitted pattern.

To make this nappy go to this site and print out the paper pattern. I changed the way the leg and back elastic are sewn from the original pattern and added extra layers of fabric.

1. I used 4 layers, though 2 would be fine. You just need a waterproof outer layer and a soft absorbant inner layer. I’ve used an outer layer of cordoroy, then PUL (waterproof layer), then flannelette, then bamboo fleece. I bought the PUL and bamboo fleece from a great website called Green Beans.

The four layers I used

2. I take the bamboo layer away and mark the places to sew the elastic (from original pattern).

Mark where to sew the elastic

3. I first attach the elastic 2.5 cm from the edge of the fabric using a zig zag stitch. Once the elastic is attached pull it as tight as you can while sewing using a 3 step zig zag stitch.

Sewing the leg elastic

4. This is what it looks like after the elastic is sewn.

Elastic sewn in

5. Place the bamboo layer right side down onto the cord layer. Pin and zig zag around the edge, leaving a large gap on the bottom edge to turn right side out. I try to stitch as close as possible to the edge but being careful to catch all the layers.

Leave a gap at the bottom for turning out the right way

6. Turn nappy right side out and straight stitch around the entire nappy. Fold the raw edges of the gap inside the nappy as you go around the bottom.

7. Sew velcro to places indicated on original pattern. I made the arm tabs quite small and the others large to adjust as your baby grows bigger.

Edge stitch complete and velcro sewn in

The finished nappy!

These nappy’s use inserts. You can buy them from Green beans too or make your own. I’ve made some from bamboo and some from an old towel with a layer of microfleece (it’s a stay dry layer).

Insert made from an old towel and microfleece

Other resources I’ve liked:

  • My friends at Little Diamond Bums sell their own cloth nappies as well as other reputable brands. The also hire out newborn sets and have lots of cloth nappy related stuff including some really beautiful smelling foaming wipe solution.
  • This facebook site is a fantastic place to buy and sell (or giveaway) modern cloth nappies – but be careful – it’s very addictive!
  • Nappies Covered is another great place to buy nappy making fabrics and related items.

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