Hoppys & Bottys

A big welcome to the newest members of the Ragged Blossom family – Nessie, Metal Mickey & Tristan. They are all made from upcycled fabrics and have some cellophane inside to make them scrunchy and appealing to little ones. Suited for baby’s aged 3mths+ their appendages are supersoft microfleece, great for grabbing and chewing.


Meet Nessie the Frog. Nessie’s body is made from a skirt, her spots from a mens tie and her arms, legs and eyes from scraps of microfleece left over from making nappies.

Metal Mickey

Meet Metal Mickey the Robot. His grey body is made from one of my skirts (I was never going to get round to altering it anyway!), his buttons and panels from a mens tie and his appendages from lovely soft scraps of microfleece.


Meet Tristan. His body is also made from my scraps of microfleece, his panels from a mens shirt and his buttons from a mens tie.

They will be available for sale at Pearcedale Market tomorrow for $15 each and following that will be for sale online (via the tab at the top).

Why not try making your own from unwanted clothes?


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