Affluenza – the disease of Modern Australia.

Last week I had a rare opportunity to have some kid-free, husband-free time with my friend Claire. I went round to her place in the evening and we ended up chatting until 12.30am (a rare late night for both of us!). Claire is very knowledgeable on all matters environmental and economic and I’m hoping to learn a lot from her. She lent me a book called Affluenza – When too much is never enough by Clive Hamilton and Richard Deniss. I’m only a few pages in so far but it really rings true for me. We are so much better off than we were 50 yrs ago yet still we want more and more – but are we any happier? It was written in 2005 before the GFC however I believe the arguments still apply. Interestingly the authors note that in the 60s & 70s it was predicted that ‘our technological progress would allow for us to work only a few hours a week and our main problem would be how best to enjoy our leisure’.

Anyway I’m getting sidetracked, here is an update on my ethical clothing challenge: I have already aquired a few new items of clothing and coincidently each in a different way. But now I’m thinking – did I really need more clothes??

1. Didriksons 1913 Fleece – valued at $139. Cost for me: free

My husband picked this up from the lost and found box at his work (a Golf Course) and it’s not something I ever would have bought but it’s really lovely and soft and warm. It’ll be great when the Melbourne winter kicks in.

2. Hot Options Women’s top. Value – probably around $20. Cost for me: $5.99

I bought this top from Savers op shop with the intention of wearing it to a job interview I hope to have next month. I really love the colour and the subtle pin stripes.

3. Valleygirl Green Spotty Dress. Value – no idea, never shopped there. Cost for me: free

A friend was having a wardrobe clear out and was kind enough to pass on some things to me. I really liked this dress and I’m hoping to find and orange belt or sash to go around the waist. At the moment I’ve just tied a vintage paisely tie. I’m hoping to wear it to my new job should the interview next month be successful!

4. Maggie’s Uranium protest t-shirt. Value – I love it so it has a high value to me! Cost for me: $9.00

My husband found an adults shirt with this logo in the op shop one day and we were deciding what to do with it. It was going to form part of my patchwork blanket that needs mending but he decided it would be great for our 21mth old daughter. So we went back to the op shop and bought a matching red t-shirt. Then it was a simple matter of overlocking around the edge, ironing onto the new t-shirt and double stitching round the edge. Now she’s all ready for the festival circuit!


It’s about time I had a wardrobe clear out too so I’m heading to the Frankston Library Clothes Swap next week!


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