Upcycled Shirt Dresses

I’ve had a busy weekend preparing for the last of my summer markets and this is what I’ve been working on – upcycled shirt dresses!

The pattern is a modification of Simplicity 5695 – I’ve made it even simpler by dropping the ruffles and having ‘angel sleeves’ instead of elasticated ones. For anyone just beginning to sew or wanting to learn this pattern is a great one to start with.

This first dress is one I did a little while ago with one ruffle. The green fabric was bought new and the main floral part of the dress was upcycled from my friend’s husband’s grandmothers dress (very vintage!).

This next dress is the even simpler version with no ruffle. It has been made by upcycling a ladies shirt (you can see the original buttons) and the sleeve fabric was bought new. I loved this shirt as soon as I saw it – it was too small for me but I think it makes a beautiful summer frock.

This red one is another shirt dress…I was just thinking it would make a lovely Christmas dress. The good thing about this pattern is you can get a lot of wear out of them. Wear them all year with layers underneath in winter and use them as a top as your little girl gets bigger.

But I didn’t forget the boys! This shirt was also upcycled, from a mens shirt. It saves a bit of work with hems and buttons, a lot quicker than making it from scratch.

And here are some funky pants too. I’ll be making a girls and boys range of these pants for the upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection. These are made from corduroy with upcycled mens ties as pockets. I’m hoping to start sourcing all fabric second hand or sustainable, however the cordoroy here was purchased from Spotlight.

Examples of all my kids clothes can be viewed and purchased here – I hope this inspires creative sewing and if so, please share!

I love seeing all the ingenious things crafters come up with…


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