I Dream of Vintage

Having been inspired lately by Twinkle Sparkle Shine to hunt for some vintage sewing patterns on ebay I thought I’d share a few of the gems I’ve found. My criteria for purchasing is pretty simple – old, cute and affordable (I’ve promised myself not to spend more than $25).

1959 McCalls pattern

I love this style of dress – it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I plan to make this for myself (one day!).

Vogue pattern - not sure what year - 60s perhaps?

Love this very stylish Vogue pattern – cute hat too.

1960s swimsuit and sundress

I loved this set as soon as I saw it and I’m thinking that I could end my ethical clothing challenge by making these bathers next summer.

1970s McCalls dress

This 70s dress could so easily be worn today and it’s a style that suits me (and most body shapes) which is why I grabbed this pattern too. One day you may see some in the Ragged Blossom shop!

1983 summer dress & top

Another style I love – it reminds me of the wrap dresses I used to wear when I lived in Darwin.

1968 'Jackie Onassis' Dress

How beautiful is this pattern?? I call it the Jackie Onassis dress because it instantly reminded me of my niece. In 2001 the women in my family were travelling togther in Italy and my niece wore an almost identical dress to this. Some backpackers we met thought she looked just like Jackie O and she wore her wee sunglasses with the outfit.

Aiya and Susanne in Italy


Isn’t she just beautiful? She’s just about to turn 13 and I feel so old!

Last one… this will definitely be making an appearance in the Ragged Blossom 2012/2013 Summer Collection.

1976 wrap dress & top

As much as I love all these patterns it’s just not the same as hunting through op shops in the hope of finding something special, so that will be the last of them for a while. Also my husband has been checking the mailbox before me lately and has just clicked onto what I’ve been up to! In my defense, I think he should be happy that I’m not into expensive antiques!!


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4 thoughts on “I Dream of Vintage

  1. Oh I love vintage clothing! I have a friend who only ever dresses in clothing of the 1940s or 1950s style (she likes both eras) and always looks amazing 🙂

  2. Love your vintage patterns, those from Vogue are surely from 60’s

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