My Winter Coat Project (Part One)

I’ve given myself 10 days to make myself a new winter coat. I have never found one I love at op-shops and so I decided to bite the bullet and make my own.

The next step was to find some fabric. I looked at buying it new but the wool blends at Spotlight were very expensive (at least $100 for how much I needed to make the coat) and seemed very thin. I really feel the cold so I want something nice and thick. Added to that it just didn’t feel right buying new fabric, I really wanted the coat to be upcycled.

So off the op-shop and first go I found exactly what I was looking for. I had in my mind a turquoise colour and I came across a check turquoise and yellow woollen blanket – yay!

My major concern is that the fabric will be too thick for my modest sewing machine to handle. But I’ve used it to make lounge covers using upholstery fabric and I have since bought a walking foot as well, so fingers crossed…will keep you posted.

Any suggestions/handy hints very welcome!!


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3 thoughts on “My Winter Coat Project (Part One)

  1. I Cant wait to see how you go, I have recently brought a blanket and want to reupholster a chair for my babys room.

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