Grease Is No Longer The Word – Going Shampoo Free!

In my mid-20s I was trying out various ‘alternative’ lifestyle choices – I stopped shaving, used crystal deodorant, made my own clothes etc., but I never got around to going shampoo free. I tried using baby shampoo figuring it wasn’t loaded with as many chemicals. Or buying eco-friendly brands for the same reason – but that was way too expensive on a student budget. I have fine hair that tends to get greasy quickly and I end up having to wash my hair every second day and I just had this mental picture of me looking like John Travolta in Grease or like a grunge chick stuck in the 90s.

Now in my mid-30s I find I’m travelling back down that road again. It feels long over due but I decided today was the day – no more shampoo! The usual shampoo and conditioner can be replaced with bi-carb soda and apple cider vinegar.

So here’s the recipes:

Bi-carb Soda ‘Shampoo’ 1 tablespoon of bi-carb mixed into 1 cup of water.

Apple Cider Vinegar ‘Conditioner’ 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed into 1 cup of water.

You just pour through your hair, massage in and then rinse well. Easy.

I’ll admit that with my hair type I was a bit skeptical that it would work for me, I really thought it would take several weeks of greasy hair before I saw results, but you know what? My hair looks and feels just like it normally does, all day I keep running my fingers through it and checking in the mirror because I just can’t believe how well it has worked.

There is a great website for general info and troubleshooting and plenty of other info on the web.

Next step? Homemade deodorant!


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2 thoughts on “Grease Is No Longer The Word – Going Shampoo Free!

  1. Oh Kate. Everything you do makes me feel bad about myself! Yesterday I spent a fortune on getting my hair coloured … with every chemical under the sun applied. Today I’m getting my legs waxed in addition to numerous other beauty treatments – at both a cost to the environment and to my purse. Your eco-friendly ways only further highlight my indulgent vanity (and speaking of “highlight”, my full-head of highlights looks quite nice, if I do say so myself … ).

    In your next blog I want to hear about you slobbing out in front of the TV and shoving a bag of chips in your face while smoking a cigarette! Perhaps while also doing some online shopping for a fur coat 🙂

  2. Hahahaha! God you crack me up Simone! I’ve got a lovely friend with two small kids who is a stay at home mum with no childcare and no tv and I feel exactly the same when I visit her.
    And if truth be told I’m about to go for a big haircut and I know from previous experience that I’ll need a lot of products to avoid looking like one of the Beetles in the 60s. Also I do sit in front of the telly everynight eating chocolate and I have got my eye on a pair of bathers the cost $140 – does that help?

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