Make Your Own Clutch Purse

My latest project has been clutch purses. A while back I found this great website Noodlehead that has fantastic sewing tutorials and patterns available to buy. This is one of Anna’s patterns and I just love it, it’s pretty easy to make once you get the hang of it. All purses have been made using upcycled fabrics, here’s a few of my favourites…

This beautiful blue fabric was left over from a dress my sister made for me to wear to our mother’s wedding a couple of years ago. I found the yellow silk in an op shop and it has a beautifully subtle flower print on top.

A little bit of punk! This one was made from a denim skirt that I never got round to altering and a stretch knit singlet, both sourced from op shops.

This very retro looking purse was made using a donated scrap of floral (probably upholstery fabric) and a vintage mens tie.

The daisy fabric was scavanged from my aunty’s sewing box, as she was having a big clean out and I’ve used the lovely yellow silk again. I’m also making coin purses and I think they make a lovely set. The pattern was made up but I have basically copied this tutorial.

If you’re a sewer give it a go, they’ll make great Christmas gifts. If you’re interested in purchasing any from me, new ones are regularly being added to my facebook page.

Happy sewing 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Clutch Purse

  1. I think I might have a go when get time I understood most of the tutorial,except not too sure about the clip part. I also am yet to try a zipper. Good Chrissy presents if I get motivated

  2. Your all clutch bags with a colourful designs and with a perfect size, I love them.

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