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Dinosaur Party Ideas

Miss 3 requested a dinosaur party this year and they’re pretty popular at the moment so I thought I’d share some of the things we did.

To set the scene we had dinosaur foots prints leading up to the front door…

dinosaur footprints

Activities including making a dinosaur party hat…





here is the link to the hat on the right.

and a dinosaur dig…we found dinosaur eggs and dinosaur fossils!

Dinosaur dig   dinosaur-egg2


dinosaur fossils

To make the dinosaur fossils all you need is some air dry clay, a round cookie cutter, rolling pin and some plastic dinosaur toys.
Once dry they can be painted or left as they are. Have fun burying them in the sandpit and then the kids can ‘discover’ them on a fossil hunt.

Here is the link to making dinosaur eggs.

I also made some dinosaur party boxes for the kids to take home.

dinosaur party boxes

On the front I stuck a glow in the dark dinosaur and inside I included a little bag of popcorn, a bottle of bubbles, a dinosaur rubber and some homemade rainbow crayons.

IMG_1669These were made by breaking up some old crayons, poppoing the pieces in a muffin tin and popping it on the outdoor BBQ on a low heat until they had just melted.


And not to forget the pièce de résistance – the cake!IMG_1748Here is a great video link on how to make it!

The kids had a roaring good time 😉

There are a few more ideas that I didn’t get round to doing that can be found on my Pinterest page here.



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