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Make Your Own Clutch Purse

My latest project has been clutch purses. A while back I found this great website Noodlehead that has fantastic sewing tutorials and patterns available to buy. This is one of Anna’s patterns and I just love it, it’s pretty easy to make once you get the hang of it. All purses have been made using upcycled fabrics, here’s a few of my favourites…

This beautiful blue fabric was left over from a dress my sister made for me to wear to our mother’s wedding a couple of years ago. I found the yellow silk in an op shop and it has a beautifully subtle flower print on top.

A little bit of punk! This one was made from a denim skirt that I never got round to altering and a stretch knit singlet, both sourced from op shops.

This very retro looking purse was made using a donated scrap of floral (probably upholstery fabric) and a vintage mens tie.

The daisy fabric was scavanged from my aunty’s sewing box, as she was having a big clean out and I’ve used the lovely yellow silk again. I’m also making coin purses and I think they make a lovely set. The pattern was made up but I have basically copied this tutorial.

If you’re a sewer give it a go, they’ll make great Christmas gifts. If you’re interested in purchasing any from me, new ones are regularly being added to my facebook page.

Happy sewing 🙂


My Winter Coat Project (Part One)

I’ve given myself 10 days to make myself a new winter coat. I have never found one I love at op-shops and so I decided to bite the bullet and make my own.

The next step was to find some fabric. I looked at buying it new but the wool blends at Spotlight were very expensive (at least $100 for how much I needed to make the coat) and seemed very thin. I really feel the cold so I want something nice and thick. Added to that it just didn’t feel right buying new fabric, I really wanted the coat to be upcycled.

So off the op-shop and first go I found exactly what I was looking for. I had in my mind a turquoise colour and I came across a check turquoise and yellow woollen blanket – yay!

My major concern is that the fabric will be too thick for my modest sewing machine to handle. But I’ve used it to make lounge covers using upholstery fabric and I have since bought a walking foot as well, so fingers crossed…will keep you posted.

Any suggestions/handy hints very welcome!!

My First Quilt

My little possum turns 2 next week and I couldn’t let that go by without making her something special. When she saw some Maisy fabric in Spotlight she was beside herself with excitement so I decided to make her a quilt.

I’ve kept it quite simple. It’s got a purple corduroy border and green corduroy back. For the inside I chose a beautifully soft 50/50 bamboo cotton mix. It was the first time I’ve had a chance to use my Janome walking foot and it made things so much easier. Frustratingly there were no instructions on how to attach it to the sewing machine but there’s some great photo instructions here.

To make it a bit more’quilty’ I choose a few squares to stitch around…

I’m so excited to give my daughter this quilt that it’s going to be hard to wait until next week!

Upcycled Wrist Warmers

There’s a few tutorials out there for upcycled wrist warmers – this one includes instructions for lining them.

So I had a lovely stripey jumper that I just didn’t wear that often and I thought it was perfect for wrist warmers.

I already have a pair so I used one as a guide for the size. I lined it up and just added extra length on either end to allow for seams.

Next you need to try it on and mark where to sew to make a thumb hole. If you’re going to line them with other fabric you’ll need to allow extra width to account for the extra layer of fabric. I only just added enough, next time I’ll add more.

Also mark with pins down the side of the arm if the jumper is quite roomy. I made it noticeably wider here to allow for the lining fabric. It’s best if you do the pinning with the sleeve on inside out as I had to redo it after I took the photo!

Stitch where you have pinned it. I used the overlocker for the side seam but it really wasn’t necessary. A straight and zig zag stitch is fine. Then snip out the ‘V’ at the top, taking care not to snip the stitches.

Next you need to cut out the lining fabric. This can be a bit of trial and error due to the difference in stretch of each type of fabric. I used microfleece which wasn’t nearly as stretchy as the jumper and the first one I cut out was way too small. To get the measurement right I put the wrist warmer on and measured how wide it was when being worn – hence the difference you can see in the photo. Mark and stitch as you did for the outer fabric.

Next turn the outer fabric the right way out and slide over the lining fabric so the right sides are together. Pin and stitch the raw edges together.

Then turn the lining inside the outer fabric and stitch again about 1cm from the edge.

At the bottom end you will need to turn in approx 1.5cm of both fabrics and stitch them together.

The thumbs are the trickiest part. I cut off about 1cm of the lining and folded the outer fabric inside, covering the rough edge of the lining. I then handstitched the seams.

And there you have it! Lovely, cosy wrist warmers for the winter!

Upcycled Shirt Dresses

I’ve had a busy weekend preparing for the last of my summer markets and this is what I’ve been working on – upcycled shirt dresses!

The pattern is a modification of Simplicity 5695 – I’ve made it even simpler by dropping the ruffles and having ‘angel sleeves’ instead of elasticated ones. For anyone just beginning to sew or wanting to learn this pattern is a great one to start with.

This first dress is one I did a little while ago with one ruffle. The green fabric was bought new and the main floral part of the dress was upcycled from my friend’s husband’s grandmothers dress (very vintage!).

This next dress is the even simpler version with no ruffle. It has been made by upcycling a ladies shirt (you can see the original buttons) and the sleeve fabric was bought new. I loved this shirt as soon as I saw it – it was too small for me but I think it makes a beautiful summer frock.

This red one is another shirt dress…I was just thinking it would make a lovely Christmas dress. The good thing about this pattern is you can get a lot of wear out of them. Wear them all year with layers underneath in winter and use them as a top as your little girl gets bigger.

But I didn’t forget the boys! This shirt was also upcycled, from a mens shirt. It saves a bit of work with hems and buttons, a lot quicker than making it from scratch.

And here are some funky pants too. I’ll be making a girls and boys range of these pants for the upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection. These are made from corduroy with upcycled mens ties as pockets. I’m hoping to start sourcing all fabric second hand or sustainable, however the cordoroy here was purchased from Spotlight.

Examples of all my kids clothes can be viewed and purchased here – I hope this inspires creative sewing and if so, please share!

I love seeing all the ingenious things crafters come up with…

Hoppys & Bottys

A big welcome to the newest members of the Ragged Blossom family – Nessie, Metal Mickey & Tristan. They are all made from upcycled fabrics and have some cellophane inside to make them scrunchy and appealing to little ones. Suited for baby’s aged 3mths+ their appendages are supersoft microfleece, great for grabbing and chewing.


Meet Nessie the Frog. Nessie’s body is made from a skirt, her spots from a mens tie and her arms, legs and eyes from scraps of microfleece left over from making nappies.

Metal Mickey

Meet Metal Mickey the Robot. His grey body is made from one of my skirts (I was never going to get round to altering it anyway!), his buttons and panels from a mens tie and his appendages from lovely soft scraps of microfleece.


Meet Tristan. His body is also made from my scraps of microfleece, his panels from a mens shirt and his buttons from a mens tie.

They will be available for sale at Pearcedale Market tomorrow for $15 each and following that will be for sale online (via the tab at the top).

Why not try making your own from unwanted clothes?

A Sneak Preview…

Check back tomorrow to meet the latest members of the Ragged Blossom family…

My first Blog

Ooooh how exciting (and a bit scary), my first blog!

I started this blog initially because in 2012 I have decided to commit myself to ethical clothing and I thought it’d be interesting to journal my challenges and help keep me honest. I also have a small business in which I handmake creations from largely upcycled fabrics, but I really want to commit to being 100% ethical (whatever that may be for me?).

I’m still finding my way and setting up shop – so I’m going to test myself and see if I can get up a photo of my latest creation scrunchy frog. This little froggy is made from microfleece (originally purchased to make my daughter nappies but got WAY too much!). It’s spots are made from a mens tie and inside it has some cellophane to make it all scrunchy and interesting for a wee bubba.

So here goes…

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